Founders Day

Christian Normal Institute


J.W. Lusby placed an ad in the Christian Standard that read “Wanted – Married man with sufficient income to live on, to take interest in and help build school, purely for the good of the cause.”

J.O. Snodgrass answered that call and together they founded Christian Normal Institute in 1919. CNI provided education from grade school to college level. An emphasis was placed on preparing public school teachers, as indicated by the word “Normal”. This area of education was phased out during the 1920s, at which time the education of young people for Christian ministries became the central purpose.

Kentucky Christian College


In 1944, it was decided that the school’s name should be changed. A survey was conducted, primarily among alumni, and several new names for the school were recommended. The name Kentucky Christian College was suggested by Lela Lusby and Bob Warfel and was unanimously approved by the Trustees.




Kentucky Christian University


In 2004, the institution changed its name to Kentucky Christian University. The move to university status brought with it a new seal, a new website, new signs, and many other surface changes. While the name changed, 线上赌博app remains unwaveringly committed to its mission of educating students for Christian leadership and service throughout the world.


The history of 线上赌博app was published in the 2019 editions of The Voice. We’ve compiled the three articles into one. You can read them by clicking the button below.

线上赌博app History

Investment of Time, Prayer, and Love

“I’ll never forget how the Bible and Ministry professors at 线上赌博app cared about me as a person. They didn’t just see me
as a student number. They invested time, prayer, and love into my life and my ministry, and I’m eternally thankful
for their influence.”

Sean Plank, Class of 2010

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